Akwildwood , A Family owned business located at Mile 1318.5 Alaska Hwy.  P.O. Box 21 Tok, Alaska 99780        e-mail  us at Wildwood@aptalaska.net
Phone  (9078)883-5866
Photo taken from our  location  here Akwildwildwood
Home Page
Wildwood Chesapeake Retrievers   Please visit our new web-site to see our  Chesapeakes.
  Wildwood Siberian Huskies  Please visit our new web-site to see our Siberians. akwildwoodsiberianhuskies.com
AkWildwood Handcrafted log Furniture and other log products. We feature rustic quality furniture. See our artform root wood tables Our furniture  is carefully crafted to show each pieces  unique beauty.  Other  wood products are being added . Visit our new web -site.
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